Gender & Livelihood Project


SYS is directly implementing this project, SONYO provides technical support and UNICEF is the funding agency through SONYO UMBRELLA. This program was intended to reach around 145 adolescent girls, target beneficiaries of this program are adolescent girls aged 10-19 years old.

Project objectives


  • To provide girls aged 17-25 a chance to display their own problems
  • To build the capacity and experience of adolescent girls through speak out sessions and presentation
  • To ensure that adolescent girls from various community sectors attend this program of speak out sessions and express their problems
  • To increase the level of girls’ confidence and enable them to present their problem.
  • Project activities: Conduct four sessions of girls leadership speak out sessions


  • SYS-Burao always encouraged gender integration, SYS and MRR directly implemented gender distribution assistance funded by inter-agency UNHCR donated by kitchen utensils, UNICEF donated by water Jeri cans and WFP donated by food and target beneficiaries were the vulnerable women settled in October IDP and water chlorination to the water points and also SYS was taking part campaign for women political participation, decision making, and gender workshops