Somaliland Youth Society (SYS) is a local youth, non-governmental non- profit-making nonpartisan, and non-political voluntary organization that operates all the six regions of Somaliland with a particular focus on the eastern regions of Somaliland.

SYS was established in July 2001 by a young provisional’s from Togdheer region to address the social and economical problems facing the youth and community to improve their living standard conditions through the provision of Education and high-quality standardized skills training to the sustainable livelihood and improving access to decent work in urban areas, Non-formal education to the out of school youth, destitute, IDPs and Adult men and women by promoting peace, security and community safety through engagement with youth at risk and youth change programs.

Recreation and Sports activities, Health/nutrition: Reproductive health of maternity support and referral prone complication cases to the health providers, capacity building for mother and child health centers (MCHs), training of traditional birth attendants (TBAs) and community health workers (CHWs), TFSP mobile team programs for Mother and child advancement Improving youth and adolescent health services, awareness-raising on HIV/AIDS and other STDs, eradication of female genital mutilation (FGM/FGC), promotion of hygiene and sanitation: WASH and Solid waste management through capacity building and awareness-raising to increase the knowledge and skills of the community.

Environmental protection/Livelihood promotions: organizing training, community mobilization, and alternative energy. Human rights and Child protection programs: through youth and women empowerment in the decision-making process in terms of participation and democracy, Good governance, and Youth advocacy programs. SYS is committed to support and rehabilitate the local disadvantaged youth and community in IDPs, urban and rural areas by providing necessary social developments. SYS participating humanitarian and emergencies responses during droughts